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Once a classic, always a classic! Discover the classic infusion of freshness and the goodness of desi masalas in a drink that keeps getting better with each sip. Cheers to a refreshing beverage that will recharge you, on the go!

Savor this unique blend with an Indian touch, carefully packed and diligently delivered to you with utmost hygiene. So, lift your spirits high with sparkling bubbles of joy as you relish chilled Spice-Up masala magic, one sip at a time.

Wanna try something different today? Grab yourself a Spice-Up, the perfect beverage to relax, recharge and repeat.

Beverages Product

Spice-Up Chilliz

Think of a day loaded with work and you want a little time out… all you can think of is to dive into the subtle splash of nimbu paani. Lemons as we rightly know are high in Vitamin C and are very refreshing. We tried recreating the local flavour into something special, by adding a dash of spice to it. The refreshingly flavourful twist of natkhati lemon and shararati chilies is a treat for your taste buds.

Spice-Up Chilliz is a sweetened carbonated fruit juice beverage with a distinct mix of tangy, sweet, and spicy flavours. Be it a hot summer day or a chilling winter eve, some tastes are meant to last forever.

An adventurously cool drink to hang out with, Spice-Up!

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Kanzi Orange

As the story goes, once considered a luxury, oranges are now a very popular and commonly used fruit. Sweet orange juice is loved for its fresh, sharp, and zesty aroma.

It’s time to fall in love with the tempting taste of oranges. This vibrant carbonated fruit drink is loved for its refreshing colour and tingling bubbles. This orange soft drink is all set to uplift your mood and free your spirit. An orange indulgence is worth it, any time of the day.

Bask in the glory of deliciousness with each sip of Kanzi orange.
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Kanzi Lime

This fizzy lemon drink is a refreshing thirst quencher. It is infused with Lemongrass, a herb with the distinct aroma and flavour of lemon. Lemongrass herb acts as an antioxidant, being rich in flavonoids and phenolic compounds. It has several other health benefits too.

The unbeatable goodness of citrusy lime and healthy lemongrass blends beautifully and makes Kanzi a delicious drink. It is all set to revitalize you with every sip.

Love the taste and feel rejuvenated with Kanzi lime.

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Now here’s the perfect companion to party harder with, after a long day’s work. What do you think? Feel the punch with the sparkling bubbles of a refreshing club soda, Mix-Up.

The best way to elevate your daily refreshment is by celebrating with your own sparkling creation. Yes, try mixing Mix-Up club soda with your favourite drink or mixer and there you are… your own happy drink is ready.

Enjoy this hard-earned thirst with the versatile and smooth Mix-Up club soda.

Cheers to refreshment!