About Us

Odi-Ray Industries Limited is an ISO 22000:2018 & HACCP Certified Company established in 2010 under the leadership of our Managing Director, Mr. Deben Ray. Today, Odi-Ray has grown from a small startup from Cuttack into Odisha’s largest beverage manufacturing company with over a decade of experience in carbonated beverages and operations expanded to Eastern parts of India with 150+ strong channel partners including Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar & Jharkhand and rapidly plans to grow into Chhattisgarh and Telangana as well.
With a vision to introduce new Swadeshi products in the beverage market, our founders Mr. Deben Ray and Mrs. Mira Ray formed M/s Odi-ray Drinks and launched two products - Spice-Up as a Jeera Masala Carbonated Beverage variant which is our FLAGSHIP brand and Mix up Club Soda.
Apart from our signature products, we offer various beverages in the category of Carbonated Beverages namely - Spice-Up Chillz as a Chilli Lemon Carbonated Beverage, Kanzi Orange and Kanzi Lime. Our Glucose-based Energy Drinks category includes Glucorine Plus in the flavors of Lemon Spirit, Orange Storm, and Masala Magic. Lastly, we have PANI in the Packaged Drinking Water & Added Mineral Water category.
From starting operations in a rented property to standing tall to compete with International brands in this ever-changing and challenging market, Odi-Ray Industries has come a long way with sheer vision and passion for crafting quality products. The R&D is qualitatively managed by professional management and that has been yielding success for us at each upcoming stage.

Our Mission

REFRESH & RECHARGE the people around us with a diverse range of innovative Indian beverages. To offer originally flavored products, especially Fusion Drinks and carefully-crafted selections to delight you with an unparalleled experience every time!

Our Vision

Our ambitious mission is to become the top Food & Beverage company, starting from a National Leader and then leading globally. Our focus won’t be only on taking over existing competitors; our goal is to foster competition by creating new opportunities in this sector. To get there, we strive for excellence: launching innovative products often at outstandingly good value.